Young Lawyer’s Division Executive Committee Meeting
June 11, 2003
Meeting began at 12:13 p.m.
I. TER - Sayde Ladov
Sayde Ladov gave a presentation about the history and purpose of TER. Founded in 1921 as a Jewish law society, TER stands for truth, ethics and righteousness.  Ms. Ladov invited everyone to join TER which strives to help the community and  advance and enrich its own members.
II. Minutes from June 11 meeting
Melissa asked for a motion to approve the June 11 minutes. Jen Myers made motion, which was seconded Carl Kennedy. Executive Board voted to approve the minutes.
III. InPACt Convention
The InPACt convention will be held in Philadelphia from Oct. 10-12 at the Loew’s Hotel. This is the third annual convention and the first time in Philadelphia. The purpose of InPACt is to reverse the brain drain to other states by allowing fellow Pennsylvanians to network with other Pennsylvanians on a variety of occupations. 
IV. Golf Outing
Melissa thanked Jen, Andrew, Linda, Scott and Tobi and everyone involved in this event for putting on a wonderful event. Jen stated that the event broke even and that next year, this event will be combined with the Senior Bar Golf Outing.
V. Casino Night
Melissa thanked everyone for attending. The event had over 100 people and made Citizen’s Bank, the primary sponsor, very happy. Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.
VI. Sponsorship of VIP Event
Melissa stated that last year, we were approached to donate money to VIP. This year, there will be a picnic event in September and VIP has again asked us for a donation. A debate ensued over whether to donate money to this event. It was stated that last year, we had money left over in the budget due to the locations of the ABA trips. However, some members stated that this may not always be the case in the future and that we should make this an annual donation. A vote was taken on whether to donate money to VIP, a yes vote being in support of donating money, and the nays have it. Melissa said that maybe we could man a booth for VIP.
VII. Boo at the Zoo
Marla stated that the Boo at the Zoo will be held on Oct. 19 from 3-6pm and that it may be renamed, Citizen’s YLD Zoobilie Jubulie, which reflects that Citizen’s Bank will be our chief sponsor. As in last year, there is a need for sponsors and silent auction items and Marla asked everyone to try to get one sponsor and one silent auction item.
IX. New Committee
Fran Fattah stated that she is working to hold a black tie fundraiser in the Spring for the YLD with the help of several of her friends. If anyone is interested, please call Fran.
X. Holiday Party
Nicole stated that she is planning the Holiday Party to be held at the National Constitution Center in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Bar Association. More details to follow.
XI. Social Committee
  1. Variety Club will be hosting an Old Newsboys Day at the Packard Building.
  2. Melissa announced that Mary Kate is pregnant and that she has given a gift from us to Mary Kate for all her hard work on our behalf.
XI. Old Business
Big brothers/ Big Sisters: Carl announced that he is in the process of getting volunteers.
Meeting concluded at 1:20 p.m.