Young Lawyer’s Division Executive Committee Meeting
April 2, 2003
Meeting began at 12:10 p.m.
I. Minutes from March 5 meeting
Melissa asked for a motion to approve the March 5 minutes. Natalie Klyashtorny made motion, which was seconded Carl Kennedy. Executive Board voted to approve the minutes.
II. Law Week
Louis Presenza reviewed the Law Week agenda as has been previously published in the Bar Reporter and at the Philadelphia Bar Association Web site. Tyler Ridgeway announced that the Kickoff Event will take place at Morgan Lewis at noon on Monday. Natalie announced that volunteers are needed for the Law Fair on Wednesday of Law Week, and that it will take place at the Gallery. Dara Penn Newman stated that the Stepping our for Seniors will take place at Ben Franklin High School.
III. Citizen’s Bank
Chris Richey of Citizen’s Bank was introduced by Melissa and stated that Citizen’s Bank has been very supportive of the YLD. Additionally, Chris stated that Citizen’s Bank wishes to assist the YLD in planning their Summer in the City by hosting and/or sponsoring a Casino Night and add their support for the Boo at the Zoo. Chris stated that Citizen’s Bank realizes that the members of the YLD are the future of the Philadelphia Bar Association and they wish to connect to the YLD through the Attorney’s First program, whereby Citizen’s Bank will offer beneficial financial packages for attorneys. Chris also introduced Greg and Ashley who will assist the YLD.
IV. Golf Committee
The Golf Committee announced that their meeting had been postponed and that they are in need of an additional member on their committee. Tobi Millrood volunteered to fill in the vacancy. Additionally, the Golf Committee announced that they are in the process of beginning to solicit donors and/or sponsorships and that they would be grateful for any support that the YLD could provide. Stephanie announced that the Golf outing will take place on July 31 and that letters have already gone out to previous golfers.
V. Summer in the City
Melissa and Stephanie announced that they are in the process of securing dates for the Summer in the City. They are currently looking into a Thursday night in July at either the Loews Hotel or the Warwick Hotel.
VI. Pennsylvania Bar Association Annual Meeting
Melissa announced that the PBA Annual Meeting will take place here in Philadelphia starting on April 23 at the Franklin Plaza. Marla Joseph reviewed with the YLD the procedures to be on the PBA Board, which include attending the annual meetings and attendance at the other meetings throughout the year. 
VII. Boo at the Zoo
Melissa preliminarily discussed the dates for the Boo at the Zoo, which will be held in October. Victoria Chase reminded the YLD of the AIDS walk and Tobi was unsure of the Eagles Schedule. 
VIII. Social Committee
Natalie announced that the next Happy Hour will take place at Alma deCuba and begin at 5:30pm. Melissa also congratulated the Social Committee for a wonderful happy hour last month.
IX. New Business
  1. Big Brothers/ Big Sisters: There will be a information meeting in the near future and it will be announced.
  2. Peter Rosenzwieg announced that the Business Law Section would like to host a joint program with the YLD.
  3. Ilana Eisenstein stated that we need more communication with the law schools.
  4. Vicki announced that the Marketing Committee met and have come up with several ideas, including a survey to existing members and attempting to secure a grant from the ABA to add some funding into the Marketing Committee
Meeting concluded at 12:55 p.m.