Young Lawyer’s Division Executive Committee Meeting
March 1 , 2005

I. Approval of January Minutes

II. Bench-Bar 2005
Sayde Ladov – Guest Speaker – 2005 Bench Bar Conference to be held at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Date is Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 2005. Plan to devote CLE’s to young lawyers. Some suggestions were "How to start your own firm" and "How to read a jury." Other suggestions should be given to any of the following co-chairs: Andrew Swain, Shanese Johnson, Shira Goodman. Ideas should be given by the end of March.

III. Annual Meeting
Wednesday March 9, 2005. Billy King is keynote speaker. Awards to be given to Kathy Ochroch of Blank Rome, Roberta West of Temple Leap, and USI Colburn. Tickets to Sixers game March 11, 2005 will be sold in conjunction with the meeting and are almost sold out!

IV. City Council Reception
Bar Association FREE reception for City Council on March 10th from 5-7pm at Loeews Hotel 33rd Floor. Need sign-ups. RSVP to Stephanie.

V. Committee Reports

  • Champions of Caring: Currently working on programs with high school students. Asking for more YLD involvement. Seeking volunteers to participate in this program. It was suggested there be a Champions of Caring mentoring program which was then suggested that program merge with the existing YLD Mentoring Committee.
  • Oratorical Contest: There has been much outside interest from people outside YLD committee who want to volunteer with this.
  • Mock Trial: Will be concluding soon. Finals to be on March 12, 2005
  • Law Week: May 2, 2005-May 6, 2005 – all questions and volunteers to Scott Sigman or May Mon Post

Dr./Lawyer in the Classroom - need volunteers
May 6 – need volunteers to take kids to courtrooms and lunch after. – working on speakers
May 4 – event at Gallery Mall – need volunteers

  • Social Committee: Happy hour at the Union League March 30, 2005 from 5:30-7:30, jacket required! want to limit number of people.

April event in conjunction with YPAC on April 20, 2005 to meet D.A. candidates and judicial candidates. Place to be determined.
Spring Fundraiser. Possible date is May 11. Probable place is Loews Hotel. Need silent auction prized and need sponsors
October 21, 2005 happy hour at Pyramid Club in conjunction with 628 social singles club and young executives of Pyramid Club
Also proposed a joint happy hour with young CPA’s and young Bankers at Milou Gallery
Also proposed a joint Summer Party with YPN group
March 31, 2005 Juvenile Law Center Fundraiser at Prince Theatre

  • Mentoring Committee: Need more mentors. Have about 26-28 mentees. Mentoring committee is meeting on March 8, 2005. Please contact co-chairs Chad Kauffman or Brian Chacker to join and share ideas and volunteer.
  • Law School Outreach: Will be visiting various law schools by beginning of April. Dates already confirmed are Temple Law School on March 22, 2005. No dates yet for Villanova, Rutgers, or Penn. Lot of support from the Senior Bar for this program.
  • Law Firm Outreach: Plan to send information of yld events and programs to one contact person in each of major lawfirms to distribute to young lawyers throughout their firms. Please let co-chairs Chuck Epollito and Kristen Kenny know of any contacts you have in any lawfirms.
  • Philadelphia 2020 Committee: Currently working on 3 projects: Submit ideas to Harper Dimmerman, Alan Nochumson, Tyler Ridgeway, Andrew Duffy.
    1. Trip to Harrisburg to meet with State Legislators
    2. Survey of law students and young lawyers as to why they remain in or leave Philadelphia. Harper Dimmerman is in charge of the survey. Idea proposed to have all who fill in survey to be entered into contest to win a prize
    3. Lunch panels and programs – Please contact Alan Nochumson and Mike Adler from yld with ideas or Jeff Dashevsky or Chris Rosenbleeth both 2020 members

VI. Bar Foundation
Robert Lane – Guest Speaker: - President Philadelphia Bar Foundation. Spoke on changes made within last 2-3 years. Number of Board Members has been cut in half. Give money to 28 grantees. Last year bar foundation gave $400,000 in grants. Have $4 million in endowments. Hope to have $5 million next year and $10 million in next 3-5 years. Bar Foundation has money for special initiatives. Want input for what to use money for in 2005. Also, asking YLD to join committees. Maureen Mingy, Executive Director of Bar Foundation will send list of committees to be put on yld list serve. Want young lawyer participation on committees. Also spoke of Access to Justice Campaign where they are asking every lawyer in Philadelphia to be a supporter of Bar Foundation. Want young lawyers, paralegals, etc. to donate – small amounts welcome. Any questions, please contact Robert Lane at

VII. Chair Announcements

VIII. Old Business
Re-scheduling happy hour from Thursday February 24, 2005

IX. New Business
Ethics bills before City Council. Mike Hayes proposed a resolution to have Bar Association Board of Governors have a voice in the ethics bills. YLD passed the resolution.

Meeting adjourned.