Young Lawyer’s Division Executive Committee Meeting
February 24, 2004

Meeting began at 12:07 p.m.
I. Approval of January Minutes.
II. Report of Philadelphia Forward - Tyler Ridgeway
Tyler reported that the cabinet members met with a representative of Philadelphia Forward, a group dedicated to tax reform in Philadelphia. During that meeting, the representative gave a mini-presentation with respect the functions of his organization and their initiatives. Tyler asked whether there was any interest by the Executive Committee to hold a special meeting for the purpose of fielding direct questions from the Executive Committee.
Carl cited examples of some issues mentioned during the representative’s presentation.
Kim asked whether there was any reason why the YLD should or could not get involved. If there is expressed interest by the Executive Committee, Kim stated that she would call a special meeting.
III. Review of 2004 Report
Tyler presented the YLD’s 2004 budget. He mentioned that, as a general matter, the budget is flexible in that he and the cabinet have discretion in reallocating certain moneys as necessary. As an example, Tyler mentioned that moneys were reallocated to the Gala, which is a new event for our group. Finally, Tyler asked committee chairs report their needs to him and keep receipts from their events.
IV. Annual Meeting
Kim mentioned that the YLD Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 8 at the Westin Hotel (on 17th St. between Market and Chestnut Sts.). She asked members to ask their respective firms to buy tables for this event. Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane will serve as the keynote speakers. Kim will also address the YLD constituency and outline her plans for the year.
Stephanie asked Executive members if they could let her know whether they planned on attending before next Monday, March 1.
V. Spring Gala
Fran presented that the Spring Gala is moving full steam ahead. The event is scheduled for four hours and will feature a “carnival” theme and a silent auction. She mentioned that sponsorship packets will be mailed this afternoon. The sponsorship levels for the event are $5,000, $2,500 and $1,000. She charged each Executive Committee member to get at least one sponsor. She also asked that each Executive Committee member get at least one silent auction item. She gave some ideas for possible silent auction items (spa gift certificate; restaurant; book store; event tickets; etc.). She mentioned that lower-end items will be packaged. Tickets will be $85-100 per person.
VI. Discussion of Loan Forgiveness Resolution
Kim mentioned that the Criminal Justice Section has drafted a resolution with respect to loan forgiveness for all attorneys who practice public interest law in Pennsylvania. In addition, she mentioned that we hope to present this resolution to the State if the senior bar membership approves the resolution. The draft resolution was handed out to all present at the meeting.
Kim also mentioned that the Public Interest Section has drafted its own resolution. Kim would like the YLD to piggyback on this draft resolution for presentation to the senior bar, but mentioned that the Public Interest Section wants to have its own. Mike H. asked why the Public Interest Section wants to have its own resolution, to which Victoria responded that the reason is because the Public Interest Section wants to support the YLD-drafted-and-senior-bar-endorsed resolution, but wants to take the effort beyond what will be provided in the resolution. Damon read parts from the draft resolution, and asked that the third paragraph of the resolution be amended to include civil practice. Victoria posed that we need to take a strategy that may be different from other sections of the Bar. Damon concurred and said that we should have our own because it will go directly toward what K. Shear said at Retreat.
Motion - Damon made motion that we adopt resolution with the following addition/amendment re chancellor take whatever steps are necessary with regards to civil practice section. Victoria seconded. All present were in favor.
Mike H also suggested that we change the “whereas” clause to reflect the change. Kim responded that we should contact the Criminal Justice Section regarding our changes.
VII. Law Week
Mike H. summarized the Law Week events. He mentioned that for the multimedia contest we need volunteers to draft the problem. He mentioned that the contest will focus on the decision of Brown v Bd. of Education of Topeka, KS. He also mentioned that he is working on the themes for the other contests and the oratorical contest problem. He asked for volunteers to judge the contests and mentioned that we need donations for scholarship winners.
Natalie mentioned that on Friday, May 7 Judges Maraton and Pollack will preside over a reenactment of the oral arguments from Brown. Mock Trial students will present the oral arguments in the ceremonial chambers of City Hall.
Mike H. mentioned that more details will come in the next few weeks. Kim mentioned that this is special Law Week, and the Senior Bar is looking to help. Mike H. mentioned that has met with the Chancellor regarding the Brown Sisters presentation at the Constitution Center.
VIII. Lawyer in the Classroom
Carl mentioned that on March 27 (or week after) we will host a lecture regarding Brown at Temple Law School. The keynote speaker will be a Temple Law professor (TBD) and the audience will be the Mock Trial students. The purpose of this lecture is to increase participation in the various contests that we hold during law week.
Carl also mentioned that the traditional Law Week events are still in the planning stages. Dr. Ruth Horwitz is assisting the Law Week subcommittee in soliciting volunteers.
Doctor/Lawyer in the Classroom will most likely be held at the same school as last year (Albert M. Greenfield Middle School).
IX. Mock Trial
Natalie mentioned that the final round for the City of Philadelphia competition is down to eight teams and that we need volunteers for this weekend.
X. Marketing Committee Report
Victoria mentioned that the subcommittee met a week and a half ago. During the meeting the subcommittee came up with the idea of surveying existing the membership regarding what must the YLD to increase participation in our events. She mentioned that the subcommittee is currently in the process of creating the survey and that the subcommittee will meet with Genna to discuss the logistics of its administration. The survey will also be administered to law school students.
Victoria also mentioned that the subcommittee will develop pamphlets and other marketing materials to hand out at our current events.
Lastly, Victoria asked the Executive Committee members, in general, what should we do as committee to increase availability; involvement in other committees. Fran responded that w need to spread the word through lawyer media. Mike H. responded that we could advertise through AEIOU email if we want non-lawyers to attend our events. Victoria mentioned that the next subcommittee meeting is March 15, and invited Fran to come.
Mike A. asked why can’t we advertise on the Bar Reporter, to which Genna responded that there is a space issue. Fran also asked that everyone on the Board send personal emails to friends regarding the Gala.
XI. Additional Committee/Section Reports
XII. Old Business
XIII. New Business
XIV. Chair’s Announcements
Kim asked if people could serve as YLD liaisons to other committees of the Bar. She mentioned that the following committees need liaisons:
  1. Problems to Homeless Committee
    Meetings are held during the last week of every month
    Chair is Mike LaPuma
    Damon is currently on this committee
  2. ADR Committee
    Nicole Gerson agreed to act as the YLD liaison
  3. Compulsory Arbitration
    Contacts are John Rodden and Patrick Lamb
    Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 12.00 p.m. at the Arbitration Center, 16th & Market, Room P. (large room)
    This committee wants young lawyers because they do not have any
Meeting adjourned at 12:51 p.m.