Young Lawyer’s Division Executive Committee Meeting
January 27, 2004
Meeting began at 12:12 p.m.
I. Introductions
Members who did not attend the retreat in Atlantic City introduced themselves.
II. Non-Profit Presentation
Jessica Merlin, a guest speaker from On Your Feet, a national nonprofit organization with offices in New York and San Francisco, presented to the Board. Ms. Merlin mentioned that she is starting a local chapter of On Your Feet and would like to partner with other nonprofit organizations and focus groups in the region to collectively encourage young adults to participate in cultural programs (e.g., art shows, pop concerts, etc.) and social action. The political agenda of On Your Feet is defeating both domestic violence and homelessness. Ms. Merlin asked for volunteers who are interested in helping the organization’s efforts and mentioned that the local chapter’s first meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 8. Lastly, Ms. Merlin stated that its first event will be held some time in early April. Kim asked Ms. Merlin about whether her organization suffers from budget concerns.  Ms. Merlin responded that it does not suffer because the national chapter gives monies to her chapter and her chapter will receive donations.
III. Discussion of YLD Mission - Ken Shear
Kim met with Gabe, Marla and Ken S. to discuss the cooperation of the senior bar and the YLD (specifically, last Wednesday, Jan. 21). Ken apologized for the unintended message of his speech at the retreat, gave a history of the YLD, cautioned the Board that the YLD’s views are taken very seriously by the senior bar and legal community and challenged us to be leaders and to be more active in the Bar Association. Fran and Victoria thanked Ken for his remarks. Scott Sigman mentioned that communication is the key to addressing Ken’s concerns. Shira suggested that we appoint YLD representatives to sit on all of the task forces and special committees to the Bar.
IV. Committee Assignment Discussion
Kim emphasized that she tried to “even-out” committee assignments and to accommodate everyone. She asked that each committee meet within the next few weeks to plan their respective events and that the chairs of those committees e-mail her the discussion points from each meeting.
V. YLD Black-Tie Gala Event
Fran made an announcement regarding the Black-Tie Gala. The event will start with a black-tie cocktail hour followed by a dinner reception. The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 17 at the Loews Hotel (12th and Market Streets). Ticket costs are approximately $100.00/person. Fran announced that the committee will meet again on Friday, Jan. 30 at noon at Schnader Harrison. Fran asked that we each come to the meeting with one sponsor. As tables are available for purchase, Fran asked that we solicit our respective firms. Kim mentioned that the event will be advertised through regular mail. She further mentioned that, through our marketing efforts, we should coordinate with the senior bar. Nicole G. asked that someone coordinate sponsor communications to avoid repetitive solicitation.
VI. Mock Trial Camp
Natalie K. mentioned that mock trial camp starts next week (the week of Feb. 2) and that the competition is a month long. Natalie K. mentioned that the YLD has traditionally coordinated this event with Temple University LEAP (through Ms. Roberta West). Natalie K. asked that each Board member volunteer as a judge for these competitions on one or more of the following dates:
Saturday, Feb. 14
Saturday, Feb. 21
Saturday, Feb. 28
In addition, Natalie K. asked that we each contact people to volunteer as judges. Anyone can volunteer as a judge (e.g. judges, clerks, law students, etc.). Natalie K. announced that for the first time, CLE credits will be offered for those who volunteer to judge. Temple University is an accredited CLE-provider and was given permission by PABLE to grant CLE credits to judges. Natalie has forwarded the volunteer-application form to The Bar Reporter and to Stephanie K. for distribution on the YLD list-serve.  Finally, Natalie K. mentioned that, after the competitions, the Temple Law Alumni Association (the “TLAA”) will host a party on Friday, March 12 at the Constitution Center. Mike A. mentioned that, through his role on the TLAA Board, he has not heard about this party and that it should be confirmed.
Mike H. also mentioned that we have, once again, partnered with Temple University and need volunteer judges. He cautioned that we should avoid losing this partnership by finding judges. Natalie K. mentioned that the first round of the competition will take place at Temple University. The second and final rounds will take place at the C.J.C. Alan N. asked whether volunteer judges have to pay $1.50/credit in order to get the CLE credits.
VII. New Business.
  1. Corrections to Contact Information: Fran asked that her home telephone number be corrected (215-370-9883). Damon asked that his work telephone number be corrected (215-751-0797).
  2. Law School Liaisons: Kim asked the Board whether they know of someone who may be interested in acting as a YLD Penn or Widener liaison to the Board. Dennis mentioned that he knows of someone at Rutgers-Camden. Chuck suggested that, in order to get liaisons, we should send e-mails to the deans of the various law schools.
  3. Mileu Gallery: Nicole G. mentioned that she was contacted by Mileu Gallery to host an event there; the gallery has offered to provide space, but will charge for food. The gallery is located on 18th and Sansom Streets (near Lambardi’s).
  4. Dialogue with Large Firms: Ken suggested that we start a dialogue with the large firms. He also suggested that the YLD organize a retreat with the big-firm chairs, the purpose of which is to develop a rapport with them and to communicate the necessity of their support of YLD programs. He mentioned that a similar retreat was held six, seven or eight years ago. He asked us to consider it because of the restrictions these firms place on associates, which in turn hinders young lawyer participation in YLD events.

VIII. Chair’s Announcements
Kim stated that she will try to keep our meetings to one hour.

Meeting concluded at 12:57 p.m.