Join the Philadelphia Bar Association in Helping to Support Philadelphia Public Schools

With 2014 marking the 60th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision, Chancellor William P. Fedullo is encouraging Philadelphia's legal community to live up to the spirit of the historic ruling. Given the fundamental economic issues that the city's public education system is facing, the Philadelphia Bar Association has partnered with The School District of Philadelphia this year to launch the Support Our Schools Campaign, which is designed to help address these issues through sponsorship, education and advocacy.

Support Our Schools Campaign

he Support Our Schools Campaign partners law firms, lawyers and other interested individuals and organizations with one of more than 200 Philadelphia public schools, serving more than 135,000 children daily. Philadelphia Bar Association members have the ability to offer their knowledge, skills and resources to schools in a variety of ways. The campaign is designed to encourage legal partners to support a school in one of the following ways:

Level 1 - Platinum Supporter:

For firms or practitioners interested in developing a multi-year relationship with a school, including designing a customized partnership with the principal. The goal is to develop a targeted investment and volunteer plan that addresses major areas of need in the targeted school. Potential areas of connection are: summer and year-round academic and behavioral support programs; facilities improvement (i.e. playgrounds, gym improvements, etc.); general supplies; and cash gifts.

Level 2 - Gold Supporter:

For firms or practitioners that elect to provide support in any of the following areas:

Instructional Support:
  • Literacy Program – Children's Literacy Initiative
  • Summer Literacy Programs
  • STEM Summer or Year-round Programs
  • Library (with Librarian)
  • Technology Support (i.e. Computer Labs, etc.)
Program Supports:
  • Art Programs
  • Music Programs (i.e. Digital Labs, performances, instrument repairs, trips)
  • Sponsor Athletic Teams
  • Climate & Safety Programs
  • College & Career Readiness Activities
  • Afterschool Clubs
Career Readiness Supports:
  • Internships (8th -12th grade only)
  • Career Shadowing Days
Facilities Enhancements:
  • Playground Repair
  • Athletic Fields
  • Improvements to Interior
General Operating Supports:
  • Office Supplies
  • Books for students
  • Trips (cultural exposure)

Level 3 - Silver Supporter:

For firms or practitioners that prefer to contribute a cash donation of any amount to a specific school or The School District of Philadelphia general fund.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support a school, please contact Charlie Klitsch at the Philadelphia Bar Association at or 215-238-6326.

To learn more about the support levels or specific schools in need, contact Devon Hawkins-Anderson at The School District of Philadelphia's Office of Strategic Partnerships at or 215-400-6067.

Donation checks should be made payable to The School District of Philadelphia with the name of the preferred Philadelphia public school of your choosing written in the subject line. Checks should be mailed to The School District of Philadelphia, Office of Strategic Partnerships, 400 N. Broad St., Portal B, Suite 304-3193, Philadelphia, PA 19130. All firms and practitioners are recognized on an Honor Roll of supporters on the Philadelphia Bar Association website.