Support Center for Child Advocates

1900 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
267-546-9200 (phone)
267-546-9201 (fax)
  • 267-546-9200
  • To advocate for abused and neglected children in Philadelphia, with the goal of providing a permanent, nurturing environment for every child.
  • Income guidelines: none; Geographic guidelines:Philadelphia County
  • By phone: M – F, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Child Advocates must be appointed by a judge to represent a child. Referrals are usually from courts, hospitals, the DA’s office
    or other agencies.
  • Intra-familial child abuse/neglect/sex abuse. Child Advocates provides pro bono legal and social service advocacy to child victims in both criminal and civil court cases related to child abuse.
  • Child Protection: provides free lawyers and social workers to serve abused children as court-appointed “Child Advocates,” to stand with the child, as counsel and guardian ad litem, and ensure his or her health and safety.

    Kinship Care: Direct service through Kids ‘N Kin: the Caregiving Program, a collaboration with Philadelphia Society for Services to Children, provides in-home legal and social services to children
    living with relative care givers. Kinship Policy Project advocates on local and state reform.

    Medically Needy Children: provides child advocates for children in the child welfare system with serious and complex medical needs.

    Adoption: specialized advocacy to promote and support the
    adoption of children from the child welfare system, with special
    emphasis on adoption and other permanency options for older
  • Frank P. Cervone, Esq.
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