Terms of Service

The Law Practice Management Division of the Philadelphia Bar Association provides the names of certain vendors and consultants on the Bar Association’s Web site solely for the convenience of the Association’s members.

The Law Practice Management Division obtains information from the vendors and consultants before it identifies them on the Bar’s Web site, but the Division and the Bar Association do not investigate their qualifications, verify the accuracy of the information contained in their printed materials or Web sites, and do not guarantee or warrant the products and services offered by them. While the Association may receive certain administrative fees to defray the costs of such listings, it does not receive royalties, financial remuneration, or other consideration from such vendors and consultants for their listing on the Bar’s Web site.

All Bar members understand and agree that when utilizing vendors and consultants identified on the Bar Association’s Web site, they are waiving, voluntarily and unequivocally, any claims against the Law Practice Management Division, the Bar Association and their officers, and that the Law Practice Management Division,, the Bar Association, and their officers shall not be liable to Bar members or anyone else for any damages, claims, demands or causes of action, direct, or indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive arising from the use of such vendors and consultants.