Housing Working Group

In 2010, the Housing Working Group is focusing on monitoring and developing studies that will establish the economic and societal benefits of providing representation in eviction and mortgage foreclosure defense cases Philadelphia has been selected by NPC Research of Portland, Oregon, to serve as a research site for a national study that will be developed, contingent upon securing funding, on the effects of providing counsel for tenants in civil eviction cases. The Housing Working Group is also monitoring a study that is being conducted by The Reinvestment Fund of the Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program. The Housing Working Group is also exploring a possible pilot project addressing the unmet housing needs of the elderly in Philadelphia. The first step is to gather data and determine what gaps exist in the system. Additional research is being conducted to identify other holistic pilot projects involving the elderly that could serve as a model for an appropriate program in Philadelphia. Click here for a list of members.


In a recent report released by the Homelessness Research Institute entitled “Demographics of Homelessness Series: The Rising Elderly Population,” it is projected that that homelessness among the elderly population will increase by 33 percent by 2020, and more than double by 2050. Click here for a copy of this report, which is available on the web site for the National Alliance to End Homelessness.


A recent article entitled “Help for Struggling Homeowners,” which describes the Philadelphia Mortgage Foreclosure Division Project, written by Peter S. Goodman, was published in Parade on May 2, 2010, and is available here.

See also “Philadelphia Gives Homeowners a Way to Stay Put,” an article that appeared in The New York Times on November 18, 2009, which is available here.