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Philadelphia Bar Association
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Philadelphia, PA 19107
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Staff Directory

If you are not sure of the appropriate person to handle your question, please call the general phone number of the Bar Association and speak to the receptionist: (215) 238-6300.

Name Title (215)238_Extension E-Mail
Archer, Claudia (Caterer) 6306
Avakian-Hardaway, Meredith Z. (Director of Communications and Marketing) 6342
Bonfiglio, Mary Jane (Administrative Support, Public and Legal Services) 6319
Brown, Maya (Marketing and Development Coordinator,
Philadelphia Bar Foundation)
Driscoll, Cecelia (Administrative Assistant, Philadelphia Bar Foundation) 6337
Greenspan, Barry (Chief Technology Officer) 6327
Hilburn-Holmes, Jessica (Executive Director, Philadelphia Bar Foundation) 6347
Kazaras, Paul (Assistant Executive Director) 6328
Klitsch, Charlie (Director of Public and Legal Services) 6326
Knight, Susan (Chief Financial Officer/Director of Administration) 6325
Lyons, Jeff (Senior Managing Editor, Publications) 6345
McCloskey, Tracey (Director of Meetings & Special Events) 6360
McLaurin, Naomi (Director of Diversity) 6340
Morris-Tracey, Andrea (Manager of Member Services) 6313
Petit, Dawn (Meetings Coordinator) 6367
Rocky, Diana (Accounts Payable Coordinator) 6316
Seefeld, Amy (Senior Staff Counsel, Public & Legal Services) 6369
Stegossi, Michael (Staff Accountant) 6315
Tarasiewicz, Mark (Executive Director) 6346
Terry, Wesley (Web Manager) 6339
White, Florence (Administrative Support, Member Services) 6357
Zebe, Merril (Public Interest Coordinator) 6355

Fax Numbers

Primary Fax: 238-1159 10th Floor Fax: 238-1267